STEMeffect partners with Pinecrest Teachers

Local teachers benefit from STEMeffect hands-on experiments that can be done at home or in the classroom.

STEMeffect combines Next Generation Science Standards with Common Core State Standards for a curriculum that reaches students on many different levels with unique hands-on experiments for a whole-brain teaching experience.

"Students learn in a number of different ways," says author Shannon Regin. "If we don't have a way to reach them all, we aren't doing our job as educators. All students should have the same opportunities to learn about STEM."

By creating videos to go along with the curriculum, these little scientists can see how their experiments can be put into action. In addition, the videos explain the "why" behind the science. It's not enough to have the experiment shown: the students also need to see why the reactions happen to make that real-world connection to what they are doing.

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