Ben Lesser Day declared in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman declared October 20th "Ben Lesser Day" as he was celebrating his 90th birthday.

Las Vegas Holocaust survivor Ben Lesser created a website to fight hate, and has spent much of his adult life sharing the story of his Holocaust experience. He's spoken to hundreds of school groups and gatherings over the past few decades.

"When I speak in schools, many of the kids ask me, 'We hear your story, but what can I as an individual do?'" says Ben Lesser. "Now I'm telling them that you can go viral, you can let your voices be heard, and tell the world how you feel."

Ben encourages students every day to stop intolerance, injustice, racism, and bullying. "Imagine what it would be like for your future great grandchildren to be able to enter your name and find your photo and see what you shouted about. Let the future generations see what you stood for; let them know what you stand for and why you took that stand."

For more information, please visit Ben's website at

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