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The Pinecrest Foundation was created to do more than just provide funds to schools...

The Pinecrest Foundation brings years of educational leadership experience to Southern Nevada schools of all kinds: from public to charter to private. We support all types of initiatives to encourage students to learn in a variety of ways. From Edutainment to STEM education; from grants to educator support; from community and national support; The Pinecrest Foundation strives to bring students the very best education possible for their growth and experience.

Charter schools receive only $0.70 on the dollar of funding per student, which forces them to come up with creative ways to support their wide variety of electives, after school activities, curriculum, and technology support. That's where we come in: providing resources and support to educators and schools

How we Help


The Pinecrest Foundation, with help from Donors, was able to: 

Purchase and distribute coats and uniforms to students in need.

Host the Master Teacher Gala to recognize outstanding teachers and raise funds for student scholarships. 

Collect and distribute 5,000 books donated from Spread the Word. 

Create and maintain partnerships with other local foundations such as Scouts BSA, Serving our Kids Foundation, and Henderson Youth Leadership Authority. 

Connect students to internships and dual enrollment programs. 

Support the growth of Pinecrest Schools' Robotics Programs.

Support the growing band and orchestra programs at Pinecrest Schools. 

Give students in Grades 10, 11, and 12 scholarships to participate in dual enrollment programs, leading to students graduating Highschool with an associate degree

When you give to The Pinecrest Foundation, you give to....

The Arts
STEM Programs
Dual Enrollment and College Scholarships
Students in Need

Pinecrest Academy of Nevada Board of Directors announces Dr. Carrie A. Buck as the President of The Pinecrest Foundation. The Pinecrest Foundation supports educational initiatives for students, teachers, and the community of Pinecrest; to include: Edutainment, eSports, and STEMeffect. In addition to supporting initiatives at Pinecrest Academy, the foundation collaborates with outside schools and businesses to move the needle in education throughout the entire state of Nevada.

Dr. Buck brings 27 years of public education leadership experience to her new role at The Pinecrest Foundation. She transitions from Pinecrest schools to where she held the role of Executive Director/Lead Principal for the past five years. There she grew the organization from a single school in 2014 serving 700 students to 4 schools in 2018-19, bringing over 4600 high quality seats to Southern Nevada and set the foundation for a fifth campus opening in Fall 2019. In that time, she lifted the charter network from 3 stars, under the less rigorous CRT, to all 5-star elementary schools and all 5-star middle schools, under the more rigorous SBAC, receiving top recognition in the state, as well as The City of Henderson Mayor's Honor Roll.

Before joining Pinecrest, Dr. Buck had a significant impact as principal at C.T. Sewell Elementary in the Clark County School District where she was recognized with the Milken Award. She moved the school from a low ranking, probable state takeover to receiving the Nevada High Achieving Recognition Award two consecutive years, as well as a National Model and Title I School. In her 9 years at Sewell, she was responsible for proficiency rates that grew from 35% to 83% in reading and 36% to 90% in math.

"The last five years I have spent as Lead Principal, and then Executive Director, of Pinecrest Academy of Nevada have been a time of tremendous growth, accomplishment, and pride. In order to build leadership capacity and the continual quest for inevitable sustainability of excellence within our Pinecrest charter school network, I will be stepping out of my direct role as Executive Director of Pinecrest Academy of Nevada.


"At this time of national recognition from the City of Henderson and the state of Nevada, it is pivotal to empower our Pinecrest leaders to challenge the status quo, setting the bar higher and higher for continuous improvement, while making collective strides toward greatness. What we have accomplished together over the past five years has fundamentally improved not only the education of the countless children enrolled in the Pinecrest Academy of Nevada schools, but charter schools and education in all of Nevada, making Pinecrest a model for educational excellence.


"With my new position as President of The Pinecrest Foundation, I will continue to support Pinecrest initiatives and have the opportunity to collaborate with outside charter and district schools, the business community, and educational stakeholders around the nation. I look forward to maintaining and creating new community partnerships and donor opportunities. This unique enterprise will allow for positive movement in education in Nevada for all students and families." Dr. Carrie A. Buck

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