The Pinecrest Foundation was created to do more than just provide funds to schools...

Our Purpose

The Pinecrest Foundation brings years of educational leadership experience to Southern Nevada schools of all kinds: from public to charter to private. We support all types of initiatives to encourage students to learn in a variety of ways. From Edutainment to STEM education; from grants to educator support; from community and national support; The Pinecrest Foundation strives to bring students the very best education possible for their growth and experience.

Charter schools receive only $0.70 on the dollar of funding per student, which forces them to come up with creative ways to support their wide variety of electives, after school activities, curriculum, and technology support. That's where we come in: providing resources and support to educators and schools

The Pinecrest Academy: Cadence choir performs at the Las Vegas 51's game.

Choir 51s.jpg